can ferrets eat mango

Can Ferrets Eat Mango? (3 Things You Should Know)

Do you have a new ferret, and you’re wondering what type of diet is right for your pet? Or maybe you’ve just never given any fruit to your ferret before, and you want to know if it’s okay to feed a ferret mango.

The problem with feeding a ferret fruit is that these small creatures should not eat much sugar at all, as they are much more prone to developing diabetes. Therefore, fruits with high sugar levels are dangerous to give to a ferret. But do mangos have too much sugar? Is it dangerous for a ferret to eat mangos?

Can Ferrets Eat Mangos?

No! Ferrets should not eat mangos. The typical ferret diet should consist of high-quality, grain-free, protein-based kibble and raw meat. Ferrets cannot digest the carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber present in fruits like mangos.

Are Mangos Safe for Ferrets?

Are Mangos Safe for Ferrets?

How do we know for sure the answer to: can ferrets eat mango? The biggest problem with mangos is that they are high in sugar. As such, ferrets can’t eat mangos along with many other fruits and vegetables, which contain too much fiber for a ferret to digest well.

Too much sugar can make your ferret develop hyperglycemia. An excess of carbohydrates in your ferret’s diet can lead to an excess of glucose in your pet’s bloodstream. When a ferret’s diet has high levels of sugar and carbohydrates, the small creature could develop pancreatic cancer or insulinoma.

This condition, which commonly occurs in ferrets at around five years of age, would require your pet to undergo surgery, and, even then, the animal may live for only a few more months.

Why Are Mangos Bad for Ferrets?

Why Are Mangos Bad for Ferrets? (3 Reasons Why It’s Bad)

There are three main reasons why mangos are bad for ferrets: carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber. All three of these substances are bad for ferrets, as they have much more difficulty digesting these ingredients.

Furthermore, these ingredients are commonly found in other fruits and vegetables, which can lead to intestinal blockage in your ferret’s digestive system. Essentially, ferrets should have a diet full of proteins and fats instead of any carbohydrates, sugars, or fibers.

You should also avoid giving your ferret any dairy-based products, as these animals have difficulty digesting dairy as well. Keep them safe with high-quality meat products and protein-based kibble. Marshall Premium Ferret Diet kibble is a great choice.

Can Mangos Be Toxic to Ferrets?

Can Mangos Be Toxic to Ferrets?

Along with too much sugar, mangos, much like pineapples, contain too much fiber as well, which ferrets are unable to digest well. While it is not advisable to feed your ferret any mangos, if you occasionally feed your ferret a small piece of mango or two, you can rest assured that it is not toxic for your pet (in contrast to avocados which are toxic to ferrets).

However, even if the mango is not entirely toxic to your ferret, fruits like mangos are high in sugar, carbohydrates, and fiber, which are harmful to a ferret. As such, stick to a meat-based diet for your small creature to keep the ferret safe.

My Ferret Ate Mangos, What Should I Do?

My Ferret Ate Mangos, What Should I Do?

If your ferret ate a small or medium amount of mangos, you would need to feed your pet some meat or protein-based kibble to ensure its blood sugar levels are stabilized. Protein should keep the blood sugar levels from changing significantly.

Furthermore, pay attention to the regularity of your ferret’s defecation. The consistency and color of the bowel excretion may be different from usual. It may look orange and may even have bits of mango that weren’t digested.

Furthermore, your ferret can vomit out the mangos if your pet has too much of this sugary fruit. Generally, your ferret should be fine as long as it continues to eat protein and its bowel movements are regular.

Are All Types of Mangos Bad for Ferrets?

Are All Types of Mangos Bad for Ferrets?

Fresh, raw mangos, as well as dried mangos, are both terrible for your ferret. Organic mangos as well as mangos with added sugars are also a bad idea to include in your ferret’s diet. No matter what type of mango, it will have an excess of sugar and fiber, which can hurt your ferret’s digestive system.

Generally, fruits and vegetables should not be given to ferrets. Yet, it is okay to feed your ferret bananas and apples in small amounts. Cucumbers are also a safe snack to give your ferret. Peeled and deseeded pears are also fine to add to your pet’s diet, with plenty of vitamin A and C.

Wrap Up: Should Ferrets Ever Eat Mango?

After reading this guide, ferret owners should now know that most vegetables and fruits can be dangerous for these animals, and mangos are a terrible idea for your ferret’s diet.

While it is not toxic to add a small amount of mango to your ferret’s food bowl, it is not advisable to feed this fruit to your pet since it can cause digestive issues and even increase your pet’s cancer risk. To keep your ferret safe, you should probably avoid adding any mango to the typical ferret diet.

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