do ferrets burrow

Do Ferrets Burrow?

Ferrets are some of the most interesting creatures you can have in your house. With the mischievous nature of a cat and the loyalty of a dog, ferrets can be quite eccentric family members.

Even though they are domesticated animals, they still hold to their nature. One of the ways they stay consistent is their love of burrowing.

When living in nature ferrets tend to burrow a lot. They love to dig and will dig dirt. They even explore tunnels that have been manufactured by neighboring rabbits and other creatures. When domesticated, and placed with humans, they tend to burrow anything that has a close consistency to dirt.

While this could be a nuisance, ferrets tend to be very smart and loving animals to have around the house.

Why Do Ferrets Like to Burrow?

Why Do Ferrets Like to Burrow?

Ferrets are used to having dirt and land all around them in the wild. Their clawed paws and a strong sense of smell encourage them to dig deep all around them. They are also carnivores and have to hunt and scavenge for food.

When ferrets hunt, it is done by burrowing into the tunnels of smaller creatures. They even find joy in digging a wonderful burrow for themselves.

Their desire for this hunt is still something that they experience. For instance, this is why they not only love to burrow, but they need extensive play times throughout the day.

Burrowing and ferrets come down to the nature of this fun-loving eccentric pet. It is also why most ferret owners have opted to accept a certain level of little bits thrown around their homes.

What Can Ferrets Dig In?

What Can Ferrets Dig In?

Ferrets can dig in absolutely anything. While they have a very sensitive smell, their eyesight is not ideal. When relying on other senses the ferret finds comfort in digging.

Because of this, they will dig in anything. For instance, their food is almost pellet-like, and the texture is a bit similar to dirt. If you set down a large enough quantity, your ferret will dig into it.

A ferret will burrow under its bedding any spare chance it gets. It will even try to dig through furniture if not being supervised properly. That is why many owners opt to buy a burrow box for their ferret. A controlled area that encourages natural ferret behavior, but protects valuables seems to be a great compromise for ferret owners.

Do Ferrets Burrow in the Ground?

Do Ferrets Burrow in the Ground?

Yes, ferrets burrow in the ground. Some ferret owners who do not care about their yard will even let their ferrets have free rein and dig in the dirt outside. This calls attention to the bond that a ferret makes with its owner.

A ferret bonds deeply with its human, and requires copious amounts of attention. This attention leads to a concrete bond with an owner. One of the appeals of a ferret is the connection.

A deep bond with a ferret will encourage its human counterpart to go the extra mile to keep its furry friend happy. Therefore, loving your ferret may mean allowing them to break ground.

It can also be providing a dig box for the same ferret fun and less destruction. Some owners will even strap a harness on their ferret and take them to the woods for some all-natural digging adventures.

Do Ferrets Live in Burrows?

Do Ferrets Live in Burrows?

Yes, they can live in burrows. That is why ferrets tend to love playing in tubes and burrowing into their bedding. This trend is reflected in the way ferrets are housed in any situation.

For example, the black-footed ferret was almost extinct and put under extreme caution by the government. They took the remaining ferrets to a rescue to help them survive and breed with each other.

In all of these enclosures, tubes are available. When in an indoor enclosure the ferrets are separated by sex until ready to breed. These enclosures have massive tunnels run under the ferrets’ cages to simulate burrows.

Do Ferrets Dig Burrows?

Even when pet ferrets are in their outdoor enclosures, there are holes all over the ground. These holes are a labyrinth of burrowing and tunnels created by the ferrets. It ensures that when domesticated, they yearn for the same environment. Their instinct makes it almost impossible for ferret owners to ignore this need from their furry ones.

Burrowing Ferrets

Like all domesticated animals, nature reigns true when creating the right environment. For example, some dogs still tend to walk in a circle when about to lay down. This comes from stomping down tall grass in nature when attempting to sleep. Even though they have not needed this instinct for years, they find comfort in their tendencies.

The same is true for ferrets. Even when dirt isn’t near, they will find a way to replicate the burrowing experience. This occurs with their food, wood chips, or even litter if the owner has a litter box in the home. Their favorite thing to dig is dirt, but ferrets will find a way.

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