Are Ferrets Mean

Are Ferrets Mean?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new furry friend, a ferret may not be your top choice. Many people love owning ferrets as pets because they’re small and apartment-friendly since they don’t make any loud noises.

While owning one of these cute creatures sounds like a great idea, you’re probably wondering how their behavior is. Are they friendly? Are they good companions? And most importantly, are ferrets mean?

Generally, no. Ferrets aren’t naturally mean creatures.

Are Ferrets Mean or Nice?

Domesticated ferrets are typically nice and not mean. Think about it like you would your dog or cat. Domestic animals are naturally friendlier than their wild counterparts.

While those cute little ferrets are more often than not friendly, there are times when a ferret can be mean. If your ferret feels threatened, scared, or isn’t feeling well, it can cause them to act out and be mean. Some ferrets may bite or scratch out of self-defense if they feel threatened.

As long as you are kind, gentle, and loving towards your pet ferret, you shouldn’t encounter many, if any, instances of your pet being mean to you. Spend time with your pet, take them for walks to get exercise, play with them, and they’ll be happy.

Are All Ferrets Mean?

Are All Ferrets Mean?

Not all ferrets are mean! Most domesticated ferrets aren’t mean at all, but some can be. The reason they can be mean? It depends on the ferret, but ferrets aren’t mean by nature.

If you have a mean ferret, you may want to consider if you’re doing anything that’s upsetting the animal. Maybe you adopted the ferret from a previous owner, and the ferret isn’t sure they can trust you. Treating your ferret with love and making them happy can prevent them from acting mean.

Keep in mind that while most ferrets aren’t mean, not all ferrets are the same. Each ferret has its own personality and triggers that could prompt them to act mean.

Are Female Ferrets Mean?

Any ferret can be mean, but they’re usually not. Some ferret owners have experienced their females being meaner than their males. Those who have noticed this mentioned that they could get particularly mean or aggressive when getting attention.

They tend to get a little jealous when they’re not the ones getting all their owner’s love and affection. Some people believe that their female ferrets can be meaner when they’re not fixed. Getting your female desexed and giving them plenty of love and affection should limit any potential for mean behavior.

Are Male Ferrets Mean?

Are Male Ferrets Mean?

Just like female ferrets, males aren’t usually mean. That doesn’t mean they can’t be. While some ferret owners think their females tend to be meaner when it comes to getting attention, males tend to be mean when they’re not fixed.

When you fix your male ferret, you’re reducing the hormones that can cause aggression, and they may calm down. Male ferrets can become mean when they’re not fixed and when they’re in the presence of another unfixed male or female ferret.

Are Albino Ferrets Mean?

Albino ferrets aren’t generally mean. Like non-albino ferrets, albino ones can be mean under certain circumstances, such as neglect, illness, or external stimuli. The one thing to remember with albino ferrets is that like other animals with albinism. Their vision isn’t the greatest.

Ferrets as a whole don’t have the best vision, but albino ferrets may have worse. Since their vision may be worse, this can scare them when in unknown environments or in too bright of spaces. This fear and unease may prompt mean behavior.

Are Black Footed Ferrets Mean?

They can be. Black-footed ferrets are related to the domestic ferret, but they’re not domesticated. These ferrets aren’t kept as pets primarily because they’re endangered. That being said, they are wild ferrets.

Wild animals can be mean or exhibit aggressive behavior when threatened or scared. Since these animals rarely come into contact with humans, it’s natural they may get nervous and act mean towards humans if they see them.

Are Wild Ferrets Mean?

Wild ferrets can be mean in the right situation. While you probably won’t come across a while ferret very often or at all, keep in mind that they are wild animals. Wild animals can be unpredictable.

If you happen to come across a wild ferret, more often than not, they’re going to run away from you. Since they’re not domesticated, they’re not used to interaction and won’t want to stick around.

Now, if you’re around when they’re hunting prey or eating, there’s a chance they may get mean. The best thing you can do is walk away and leave them alone.

Technically you could call hunting mean behavior. Since these are wild animals, they don’t have someone giving them food daily. You may witness a wild ferret being mean to another animal, but it’s because they need to eat.

Are Ferrets Mean to Dogs?

No, they’re not! If you own a dog or two and are thinking about getting a ferret or have a ferret but want a dog, it’s natural to be worried about whether they’ll get along or not.

Lucky for you, ferrets and dogs tend to get along very well. Ferrets are fearless little animals, so they love playing with dogs and other larger animals. Even if your ferret bites your dog, these small animals probably won’t cause any serious damage.

Are Albino Ferrets Mean?

Are Ferrets Mean to Cats?

Ferrets aren’t generally mean to cats either. Ferrets and cats can coexist well. Most cats are independent creatures, so it’s doubtful that they’ll pay much attention to your ferret at all.

While they can live peacefully together, it doesn’t mean there’s not a chance for mean behavior. Like if our ferret feels threatened by you or another human, they may bite in self-defense if they feel threatened by a cat.

Final Thoughts

Ferrets are usually affectionate and playful creatures. They love playing and are often called the joker of the animal world. These animals aren’t mean unless provoked.

As long as you treat them with love and kindness, there’s no reason for your ferret to be mean to you or another pet.

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