Can Hamsters Eat Ritz Crackers

Can Hamsters Eat Ritz Crackers? (5 Things To Consider)

Pet owners are always looking to keep their animals safe. For those who have hamsters, it becomes even more important to check their diet. These are very small creatures and can only consume so much food.

Sometimes, it may seem easy to feed a hamster something found around the house, such as crackers. However, can hamsters eat Ritz crackers and stay healthy? We will delve into this question below and outline all of the potential hazards of Ritz crackers in the hamster diet.

Well, Can Hamsters Eat Ritz Crackers or Not?

No. You should not feed Ritz crackers to your hamster because this snack is built solely for humans. Essentially, these crackers have too much salt, sugars, and fats for a small animal.

Are Ritz Crackers Safe for Hamsters?

Are Ritz Crackers Safe for Hamsters?

It is safe to feed your hamster Ritz crackers sometimes, as it is not a toxic substance to your pet. However, you should only feed crackers to your hamster once or twice a week, as it should never be the main portion of your hamster’s diet.

The size of the Ritz cracker you feed a hamster should also be about half of one cracker or the size of a stamp. In addition, when choosing the type of Ritz cracker, make sure it is a whole-wheat or a whole-grain cracker.

What Are the Health Risks of Ritz Crackers for Your Hamster?

What Are the Health Risks of Ritz Crackers for Your Hamster?

Ritz crackers have little nutritious value, and hamsters need more vitamins from certain fruits and vegetables. To stay healthy, hamsters should not eat many crackers. Furthermore, Ritz crackers have too much salt, a large amount of sugar, and excess fat content.

As such, the salt can make hamsters dehydrated and can negatively affect the blood pressure of these animals. The extra sugar in these crackers can also lead your hamster to develop diabetes and/or obesity. A large amount of fat in Ritz crackers can also cause obesity and health problems for your pet.

Can Chinese Dwarf Hamsters Eat Ritz Crackers?

A Chinese Dwarf Hamster can be at even more risk if you feed it Ritz crackers. Essentially, the Chinese Dwarf Hamster is at an 85 percent higher risk of developing diabetes.

Since Ritz crackers are filled with sugar and don’t have many nutrients, it can be rather dangerous to feed Chinese Dwarf Hamsters too much of this snack. It’s best to completely avoid the snack when picking a treat for this breed of hamster.

Pick nutritious foods to feed your hamster so that it can stay healthy and avoid diabetes.

Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Ritz Crackers?

Unlike the Chinese Dwarf Hamster, pet owners who have a Syrian Hamster can feed their small animal one or two Ritz crackers every week. The Syrian Hamster is much less likely to develop diabetes, which means the extra sugar in Ritz crackers won’t affect this breed of hamster as much.

Nonetheless, Ritz crackers are not very nutritious, so be sure never to make this snack a significant part of your hamster’s diet. It can cause blood pressure issues and dehydrate your Syrian Hamster in high quantities.

Why Are Ritz Crackers Bad for Hamsters? 5 Reasons

Why Are Ritz Crackers Bad for Hamsters? 5 Reasons

Can hamsters eat ritz crackers? Well, Ritz crackers have artificial ingredients and excess sugar, salt, and fats. Essentially, this snack has little nutritious value for any pet, especially small creatures like hamsters. Ritz crackers are bad for hamsters due to various health risks, such as:

  • Blood pressure spikes
  • Dehydration
  • Potential for nutritional deficiencies
  • Higher risk of diabetes
  • Larger chance of developing obesity

To keep your hamster healthy, Ritz crackers should be a rare treat. Instead, you can give your hamster bits of apple, Greek yogurt, or pieces of chicken. These are much healthier versions of a treat for your small pet.

Can Ritz Crackers Be Toxic to Hamsters?

Can Ritz Crackers Be Toxic to Hamsters?

Ritz crackers are not necessarily toxic to hamsters, but they can seriously dehydrate your pet. They are very salty crackers and will make your small pet very thirsty. This snack may make your hamster’s stomach hurt as well if given in larger amounts.

Nonetheless, there is no toxicity found in Ritz crackers when it comes to your hamster. Essentially, you can safely feed your hamster a small amount of Ritz crackers without worry. These animals are omnivores, so their diet is open to more different types of foods.

The same is true for other crackers like goldfish crackers or graham crackers. The only exception are prawn crackers!

My Hamster Ate Ritz Crackers, What Should I Do?

If your hamster ate a few too many Ritz crackers, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your tiny pet over the next 24 hours. Give your hamster plenty of water since this furry creature may become quite dehydrated and thirsty. If the little pet looks sick, calling the veterinarian may be necessary.

Yet, if you’ve never given your hamster crackers before, then you’ll need to start with a very small amount. Only give your hamster a cracker about the size of a coin. Then, monitor how your hamster acts over the next 24 hours. Make sure your hamster is eating regularly and acting the same as usual. Otherwise, you may need to call the vet.

Are All Types of Ritz Crackers Bad for Hamsters?

Are All Types of Ritz Crackers Bad for Hamsters?

There are tons of different kinds of Ritz crackers, but they are all meant for humans. Generally, Ritz crackers are too salty, fatty, and sweet for hamsters.

If you give your hamster a small amount of Ritz crackers, be sure to give this treat only once or twice a week.

If Ritz crackers are the main part of your hamster’s diet, then it can lead to obesity. When hamsters become obese, they can end up with heart disease, various types of cancer, arthritis, and diabetes.


It’s best to avoid giving your hamster Ritz crackers due to their health risks. Instead, try giving your hamster some apples, sesame seeds, or cilantro. Your pet will love these treats and will stay healthy as well.

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