do ferrets chew wires

Do Ferrets Chew Wires?

Ferrets tend to be very curious, and they’ll often bite on random things they come across. If you’ve been thinking about getting a ferret, you may have been wondering whether it will chew through your wires.

Do Ferrets Chew Wires?

Yes, many ferrets will chew or nibble on wires. However, ferrets don’t tend to nibble as much as mice or rats. As such, it’s usually easy to make your wires ferret-proof.

Why Will Ferrets Chew on Wires?

Why Will Ferrets Chew on Wires?

Not all ferrets chew on wires, but many do. Typically, they do it due to curiosity—they’re interested in knowing what it will taste or feel like. In addition, many ferrets love chewing on stuff in general, and if your wires are readily available, that’s what they will chew on.

Can Ferrets Chew through Wire?

Can Ferrets Chew through Wire?

Ferrets have a bite strong enough to break bones. Often, they’ll just nibble on a wire a little without cutting it in half. However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay or that you should let your ferret do that.

Your ferret doesn’t have to chew through a wire altogether to cause electricity disruptions. If your ferret bites on a wire hard enough, it may get an electrical shock, which can result in its death.

Furthermore, it can lead to a house fire. That’s why it is critical to prevent your ferret from seeing your wires as snacks.

Do Ferrets Need Something to Chew On?

Do Ferrets Need Something to Chew On?

Many—if not most—ferrets need something to chew on. By giving them chewy toys, you can satisfy this need and prevent them from chewing on wires. However, ferrets frequently tear toys apart. That means that many toys pose a choking hazard.

Hard toys, like ping-pong balls, are generally okay. Your ferret might not be able to chew on them, however. If you give your ferret a chewy toy, keep it under close supervision, and don’t leave it alone.

How to Prevent Ferrets from Chewing on Wires?

How to Prevent Ferrets from Chewing on Wires?

Fortunately, with a few simple changes, you can prevent your ferrets from chewing on wires. Here’s what you need to do.

Keep Your Wires Out of Sight

Most ferrets aren’t specifically looking for wires to chew on. However, if wires are out in the open and readily available, they might not be able to resist eating them! Instead, keep your wires out of sight.

You might be able to tape your wires to the wall or under a table. Tape might look unseemly and damage your wall or furniture, so consider using these discreet and fashionable cable clips instead.

If you need to, you can install outlets higher up on the wall, so you can charge your electronic devices without leaving the cords on the floor. If you have no other option, at least push your wires into a corner and cover them with a box or some books.

how to stop your ferret chewing on wires

Give Your Ferret Something to Chew On

If your ferret feels the need to chew on something, try to satisfy that urge so that they don’t bother nibbling on your cords.

As I mentioned before, it might not be safe to leave your ferret alone with chewy toys, especially rubber or cloth toys. However, you might be able to give them chewy food.

For example, these Salmon Chewy Sticks are designed for ferrets. They are entirely natural and even help improve your ferret’s dental health by removing tartar from its gums and teeth. If your ferret doesn’t like salmon, other flavors are available.

Cord Protector helps when you ferret likes to nibble on wires

Get a Cord Protector

Cord protectors cover your wires and encase them in protective tubing, shielding them from your ferret. When you can’t move your cords out of your ferret’s way, or if it always finds your wires anyway, a cord protector might be what you need.

There are many available on Amazon, such as this Cacovedo Cord Protector, which you can cut and adjust as needed.

scents help to stop your ferret chewing on cables

Use a Scent That It Doesn’t Like

Sometimes, the only way to get a ferret to stay away from your wires is to put a scent nearby that it doesn’t like.

Many ferrets don’t like the smell of vinegar. Peppermint and orange peel are two more scents that repel many ferrets. However, each ferret is unique, so feel free to buy some different essential oils or cooking ingredients to experiment with.

Place the scents near your wires. You can even spray a bit of vinegar or peppermint oil around where your wires are, but be safe—keep your wires nice and dry.

Also, keep in mind that not all scents are safe for ferrets.

In Summary: Will Ferrets Chew Wires?

Yes, many ferrets love chewing on all types of things, including cords. However, you can prevent most ferrets from nibbling on your wires by keeping the cords out of sight when your ferret is out. If that doesn’t work, get a cord protector to keep your wires safe.

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